Thistle Landslide

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Thistle Ghost town

Did you know that the Thistle Landslide and immediate area has continued to move intermittently since the 1983 wet year? Minor mudslides (earth flows) periodically occur near its flanks and head. Following a wet winter, almost the entire slide (except for the “dam” section) moved in spring of 1998. This 1998 reactivation also enlarged the head of the slide by an area about the size of several football fields. Read more about the Thistle landslide on the Utah Geological Survey site.
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Hideaway Valley Property Owners Association
HC 13, Box 3001

Fairview, UT 84629

To learn about our Volunteer Fire Department, call Kent Higgins at
435 9796953

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Kurtis Zobel, President

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Becky Peterson, Treasurer

Viki Hill, Secretary

About our Beautiful Valley

Mission Statement: To provide a safe, clean community while still maintaining our rural and private lifestyle.


Hideaway Valley is a community of four hundred and fifty lots ranging in size from two to 35 acres. There is twenty-seven miles of road and access is year round for most properties.These lots are nestled in the mountains and surrounded by breathtaking  views. There are approximately fifty full-time residents and many weekend and summer vacation owners. Located in rural tranquility with majestic mountains under the clearest blue skys in Utah, you will discover that Hideaway Valley is one of the most beautiful communities on earth. Hideaway Valley is located in the middle of terrific fishing and hunting and many of our weekend warriors enjoy horseback riding, hiking, and all terrain vehicle fun. Check out the links page for a list of resources regarding Sanpete County and local attractions.


HideawayValleyProperty Owners Association collects annual assessments to pay for infrastructure and the management thereof. The amount due per lot as approved by the Association Membership is $158. This is the fourth straight year where assessments were lowered from the high of $350 in 2008.

Assessments are due on a quarterly basis but if $158 is paid in full by May 31, 2013 you will receive a 10% discount so the total amount due will only be $142.20. Please see the budget for 2012/2013 for specific items funded by your assessments. Your Trustees and neighbors appreciate your payment of your assessments!

Fast facts

Wireless Service: Only a few wireless services work in Hideaway Valley. Sprint seems to work OK in most areas and making calls is easy. However, receiving calls is a problem. In addition, a Sprint user canot get their customer service from Hideaway--they will get Alltel customer service. Radio Shack in Mt. Pleasant deals with Sprint and Alltel. Alltel owns the local tower and so Alltel phones work the best.  Be sure to mention that you found them though the Hideaway Valley web page.

Time Zone: Mountain (standard time: GMT-7, DST: -6 hours)

Coordinates for Indianola: Latitude 39.80 & Longitude -111.49

Airport: Mt. Pleasant (43U) - 4260 ft. paved and lighted, 122.8 Unicom

Distance to Salt Lake City: 85.4 miles 
Distance to Spanish Fork: 35 miles
Distance to Fairview: 12 miles

County Seat: Manti

Nearest city with pop. 50,000+: Provo, UT : 39.2 miles

Transportation: Highway 89

Live Five Weather Forecast from Channel 5 News
January Average Temperature: 34 F
July Average Temperature: 88 F
Annual Average Precipitation: 11 inches

Hospital: Located in Mt. Pleasant: 16 miles
Sanpete Valley Hospital

1100 South Medical Drive, Mount Pleasant, UT 84647
Main Hospital - General Info Phone: (435) 462-244 
Phone: (435) 462-4147