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We are voting on a revised budget at teh members meeting and a fillin board member--please read teh newsletter and get a ballot here:

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Hideaway Valley Property Owners Association
HC 13, Box 3001

Fairview, UT 84629

Fairview, UT

Roy Walker, current president, wanted to disband the association when he was voted off the board in 2013. He petitioned for a special meeting
January 19, 2013 at 9:00am at Mt Pleasant City Hall, falsely making the notice appear as if it came from the board. At the meeting, the then president Randy Hill presented this letter,
(download and read this letter)
from the county attorney. Roy's bid to end the association was pretty much over. Not being able to end our association, Roy fought to get back on the board even after quitting in 2009 and having been voted off in 2013 by the members. 

The board is calling off-hour, odd-day and time meetings. Does it make you wonder why? They can meet whenever they want if they will simply video the meetings and make them available to members on the web. Otherwise follow state law.

Our advice to you? Stay involved. 

FAQ in Hideaway Valley 

Will electricity be avaialable for my home if I choose to build in Hideaway?

Is Hideaway a gated community?

Is there year round access to all the lots?

How far is it to the grocery store?

Where are the closest doctors, hospitals, and other services?

I heard that Plat A covenants were different from the others, is this true?

How are assessments paid and collected?

What is this Member to Member  site that I keep hearing about? Is that site related to this site?

Will electricity, water, and sewer be avaialable for my home if i choose to build in Hideaway?

Hideaway is nestled in a rural corner of Sanpete county and although many homes by the main roads do have electricity, the ones farther away, may find it quite expensive to pull in. However, many of our residents and weekend cabins have chosen to go green and actually use solar panels or small generators for their needs. To set up a complete solar system for your home costs between $17,000 and $40,000. If you drive around the valley, you will notice many places that have panels set up--and with so much sun, it is a very good alternative to the grid.

Originally, all lots were sold with water rights of .75 acre foot. However, some lots have lost their water rights due to a failure to understand the complicated water rights in Utah.  You can go here for more information: UTAH WATER or call 801 578 8820 and talk to Brad Dobson. Be sure when you purchase your property that you are deeded water rights or understand that you will have to buy them from a third party if you intend to build.

All lots are on their own private septic systems and the requirements for these can be found on the Sanpete county website. Before Building or buying be sure and go through all of the legal steps necessary including but not limited to water supply, septic permit, wild land urban requirements etc.  All of the information is on the Sanpete County website.

Is Hideaway a gated community?

No it's not. However, all the roads in Hideaway are considered private and only to be used by members and their guests.

Is there year round access to all the lots?

There is year round access to the lower lots but limited access in the winter to the upper lots. Many owners of the upper lots use snowmobiles in the winter to access their property. Be sure to check it out before buying.

How far is it to the grocery store?

Fairview, 8 miles away, has a wonderful little market that sells just about anything you might need to pick up for a weekend of recreation. There are also two gas stations and most other services you might need.  

The larger, full service grocery store is another 5 miles past that in mt Pleasant where the larger hardware stores and other major services are located.

Where are the closest doctors, hospitals, and other services?

Mt Pleasant, about 15 miles from hideaway, has most everything you need. the county seat is in Manti. Go to  Our Valley for the quick facts and links to all kinds of information.

I heard that Plat A covenants were different from the others, is this true?

On February 12, 1982 the Backman Title company and Foreman Corporation amended the "Declaration of Protective Covenants" for Hideaway Valley for Plat A to:

  conform to  the fiscal year of the other two plats in Hideaway Valley. (6.4)
  Allow owners to repair and service  their own vehicles (7.5)
  to eliminate the sentence: Such percolation tests will be made and test results provide at the expense of the developer upon reasonable notice, prior to such constructions. (7.12)
  and add this sentence: Such time limitation shall not apply to double-wide mobile homes providing they contain a total floor area of not less than 1000 square feet and are neat, skirted, and porched.  to (10.1)

These amendments are recorded in the Sanpete County Clerks office on entry 263528, recorded March 2, 1982, in book 234, page 489-493. These amendments were necessary to make all the plats conform so that all lot owners are on the same fiscal year and have the same rights and obligations. If you are in plat A and have the original covenants in your files, please update them by downloading the amended version here.

How are assessments paid and collected?

Discounts: Assessments can be paid annually (10% discount if entire year assessment paid by first quarter due date of May 1 for any given fiscal year)

Quarterly payments: Assessments are due quarterly on or before May 1, August 1, November 1, and February 1. The Protective Covenants mandate that 10% interest shall be charged on any balance not paid by its due date. Please note that although you can pay assessments on a quarterly basis, the board has voted NOT to send out quarterly statements to remind you--if you don't pay in entirety at the beginning of the fiscal, it is your repsonibility to send in payments. No notices other than newsltters will go out.

Credit card or bank drafts have temporarily been suspended by the new board. Not sure why. We'll let you know if they change their minds.

Automatic withdrawals: Most financial institutions allow you to make automatic withdrawals or do web bill pay. If you want to automatically have your quarterly payments taken from your account, make arrangements with your financial institution. You will need the routing and account number of the current bank account for the association. Contact the treasurer for this information and to obtain an ID so that you are properly credited.

What is this Member to Member  site that I keep hearing about? Is that site related to this site?

No the Member To Member site is not part of this website. This web site is run by a private member who wants to educate lot owners on the history of Hideaway and State and local laws that apply to HOAs. It is for education and information purposes only.

That  being said, the Member to Member site is highly recommended as an adjunct to this site.
Member To Member website. We link to this site because it is designed for Hideaway members to converse with each other about pressing issues. This site is not endorsed or run by the Trustees of Hideaway, or by the owner of this site, but is a member operated site devoted to open communication between lot owners of Hideaway Valley. Member volunteers run the site and send out brief reminders for both board meetings and member meetings. They post documents, maintain a blog, and post member comments and articles. The Member to Member site is open to those seeking to have an active role in their community. We recommend that you go there and sign up for their emails that send notices and convey what members are discussing.