Next Member Meeting
Sat April 22. 2017
Agenda: Call for candidates, snow removal, financials
When:  10AM
Where: Fairview Senior Center
160 N 100 W, Fairview

Next Board Meeting
Thurs March 16 @ 5pm
Where:  R&R on 1st across from the Museum in  Fairview (65 East 100 North, Fairview)

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Hideaway Valley Property Owners Association
HC 13, Box 3001

Fairview, UT 84629

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These emails go directly to the board members they are addressed to.

Randy Hill, President

Tom LeVevre, VP

Kurtis Zobel, Treasurer

Angie Russel, Secretary

Boyd Williams, Trustee at Large


This is the unofficial Hideaway website site run by your neighbors.

We will try to provide you with the most current information we have--when we can get it--including minutes, issues, policies, ballots, newsletters, and anything else you might enjoy. If you want to contribute--write an article, get some points across--please contact us:

no vote at annual meeting-lack of candidates

Hope to see you on April 22 for the board meeting. No one declared to run for the board so the vote will be at the next member meeting (July). Please consider taking your turn to help run the association. What qualities do you need to be a board member?

a) Commitment to our community
b) An hour a week to take care of your duties (which depends on what office you take)
c) A willingness to read the documents and not rely on what others tell you
d) A willingness to read the state code on HOAs and non-profit corporations.
e) A desire to see a healthy community
f) Common sense so you don't call an attorney every time a member sneezes

We just need good solid members to help with the duties. It is basically taking care of the roads, weeds, plannning a budget, and helping with collections. If you want to control your neighbors, fine them, make rules for them to fit your personal agenda, and foreclose on their homes--we probably don't want you to serve--

Please call the president or secretary if you want to be on the next ballot. Two positions will be open.

See you soon.
Be Responsible Trustee

Lucky to Be in Hideaway

One real benefit of owning property in Hideaway Valley is that you have a group of concerned owners who are watching out for your rights. With everyone working as a team, we can truly work to be a united community who respect each other's property rights while we take care of our roads.

rainbow in Hideaway

Our Protections

Many HOAs and Condos are subject to bully boards, predatory vendors with helpless hapless owners whose rights are being trampled on. Yes, we have had that in Hideaway too--yet the owners who are watching out for you have stopped the abuses quickly with less cost than most HOAs experience when things come to a head. How has this group of concerned owners protected you?

A) Confronting a white collar felon on the board who had stolen more than once (he left)
B) Stopping a board who secretly refiled our corporate papers taking away some voting rights
C) Pointing out how bad the collections resolution was (you voted for it based on misinformation and it backfired)
D) Getting rid of the collection agency who preyed upon hapless owners, lied about them, overcharged them and illegally put liens on their properties
E) Got rid of the attorney who was charging over $1000 a month when the association had no legal issues of any kind going on
F) Helped give you documents that protect you and your property that give the decision making power to the owners, that require owner's approval for lawsuits and contracts, and insures every owner's right to vote no matter what.
G) Stopped a rogue board from totally taking over, spending large unauthorized amounts of our money, and changing our documents to take away our rights and ability to vote on our budget and approve contracts.

We are lucky here in Hideaway to have these dedicated individuals. Our board right now reflects this protection of our rights.  Because of us working as a community, Hideaway is beautiful, rather peaceful, and on target with a reasonable budget and good road maintenance.

Recent National Expose on HOA Abuses

Recently, the Kansas City Star ran an expose on HOAs and some of the very real dangers of living in one. Judy Thomas is the journalist that worked on this story for several years to bring up the HOA abuses before the public. She drew on many of the experiences of Hideaway while researching her story. In fact, she quoted owner, Shelly Marshall in part of the  expose, and the story has been picked up by other papers such as the Sacramento Bee in California:

The offshoot of the Hideaway Group was also listed as HOA reformers--something to be very proud of.

You can listen to a pod cast where Judy speaks about her work on HOA abuse at "On the Commons" radio program.  Judy is an award winning journalist with the Kansas City Star who just wrote and published an amazing series of articles about many of the stories going on in associations across the country.  The main story, HOAs from hell: Homes associations torment residents they’re supposed to support  just touches on some of the many problems homeowners face on a daily basis.  The page also has links to other stories and video clips of some of the stories Judy ran across.

In addition, if any of you want to share your story with her her (the expose is on-going), please send it to HOA@kcstar.com and call to the attention of Judy Thomas.

Owners can be very proud of what we have achieved in Hideaway. Unless you understand the gravity of being an association you might not understand how lucky we are. Read the stories--you can read five pages before they ask you to subscribe online--but if you clear your cookies, you can start over again.

WEED CONTROL update 8.6.16

We had a very productive educational session at the fire house Friday night on weed control--and the education went both ways! There were a number of professional researchers from Utah State University as well as Rich Riding a weed control specialist and Scott Oldham the Pesticide Program Manager from the Utah Department of Agriculture. Members of Hideaway learned a lot about weed control and the presenters got the facts about what is and is not working in Hideaway. Quite a few concerned members attended and our board was represented by our President Randy Hill, our Secretary Angie Russel, and Trustee Kurtis Zobell.

Big thanks to the presenters

We give a very big thanks to the presenters because the meeting began on a rather rocky note--several irate members got into their faces and there was cursing and finger pointing and shouting. However, the presenters remained calm and kept repeating, "We hear you, we agree, you're right these are residences and we know this kills trees..." And within a short time everyone calmed down and the presenters were able to talk to us and listen to our concerns--which by the way, they share.


The upshot is, there is to be a moratorium for the time being and there will be no spraying of the herbicides mandated by the county. Each one of these herbicides are prohibited by federal law to be used around residences. Steve Oldham said that the Agricultural department was contracted by the EPA to enforce regulations on herbicides and pesticides and he was bound by law to give penalties for the misuse of these products.

Deadline extended--Hearing for weed control

Rich Riding was more than helpful. He explained that there are many ways to control weeds and we will look for options together. He wants us all on the same page and wants everyone's participation. The deadline for weed spraying is being extended until Mr. Riding can arrange for a hearing before the weed control board. All of you who requested a hearing and were ignored--we will do the hearing in a group setting and come up with a viable plan that hopefully will address the problem of noxious weeds while at the same time leaving our homes, ground water, animals, and children safe.

Rich will let the secretary of Hideaway, Angie Russel, know when and where the hearing is and she will post it in the newsletter and we will send out a notice via email also.

The main point that everyone went away with is to make sure that the solution is not worse than the problem.